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For over 25 years Kredit Automation & Controls has been thriving in the industrial automation and controls integration business and is the oldest automation company in the southwest. Dale and Jann Kredit opened Kredit Electric in 1987 where they did industrial electrical controls work. Dale installed his first PLC that year, a SLC150.

In 1994, they decided to narrow the scope of their expertise to industrial control systems integration, automation engineering, building industrial control panels and industrial controls service as Kredit Automation & Controls and 508 Shop. Since that time, this business has served a wide variety of industries and has helped their customers improve their operations and increase their efficiency.


We are a long time Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator and Partner.  As an automation and controls system integrator we have worked on a variety of projects both as primary designers and project managers, as well as supporting the automation needs of a large project.  Our panel shop is a certified UL508A facility.  We design and build control panels for applications in medical, material handling, packaging, process, and production.  Our team of engineers has implemented process improvements using robotics, vision, motion control, and safety.  We also design and build complete machines for specific tasks such as parts assembly and inspection.  We often incorporate vision system technologies and data acquisition into our projects where needed.

We have project experience for PLC migrations of 30-year-old obsolete technology (i.e. Allen-Bradley SLC100, SLC150, PLC5 etc.) to current solutions using Rockwell Compact Logix and Control Logix Platforms.  As a Rockwell Recognized System Integrator, we are experts with Studio 5000 and Factory Talk software.  KAC is familiar with data acquisition and SCADA platforms such as Wonderware and Inductive Automation (Ignition).  KAC has experience with multi-axis servo systems, gantry systems, and motion controls as well.