Kovács Trade Company

Kovács Trade Company

Strada Nicolae Bălcescu Nr.34, Reghin 545300, Romania

AboutKovács Trade Company

Kovács Trade Company is a distributor and integrator of sustainable technologies. Based in Reghin, Mureș County, the company serves all industries in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova. Our company was established to come up with solutions suitable for the industry, with equipment, service, spare parts and consumables meant to reduce costs. The main fields in which we operate are the following: adhesive application systems, pneumatic drives and valves, abrasive materials, robotics, industrial automation services.

The main goal of your company is to generate profit. Our mission is to provide you with solutions that help you achieve this goal and by reducing costs to generate additional profit. We offer solutions that have a very short ROI, the investments in our solutions are returned in just a few months.

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