Kosaplus Co. Ltd

Kosaplus Co. Ltd

Siheung, Gyeonggi, 15115 SOUTH KOREA

AboutKosaplus Co. Ltd

KOSAPLUS Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Valve Actuators supplying both of Pneumatic actuator and Electric actuator over 20 countries in the world. The company has obtained ISO&SIL system certification and product certificates including CE. We are the specialized actuator manufacturing company, having design, processing, and assembly and testing line within our company in Korea.

Advantages of Pneumatic actuators:

  • Delivery: When we export other continent, it takes some time because of hours under way. We can't control hours under way, but we can manage the time of manufacturing.
  • Model range: Usually European bands manufacture just one type actuator SCOTCH or RACK. We have two types SCOTCH and RACK. Our customer can choose any type in anytime.
  • Adjust angle bolt: Our SCOTCH type actuator have Adjust angle bolt in the center like other RACK type. Some SCOTCH brand also have adjust bolt. But it's special type. Our all of SCOTCH have adjust bolt. You can adjust angle open/close at the same time. 90°+5°-10° (Option +5°-45°).
  • Processing Machine: We have our own processing machine (MCT, NC) for only us. So we can process special hole or tap faster. (Sometime it need extra charges. and has to check dimension or processing before drilling or tapping)
  • In addition, we have EPDM for low temp. VITON for high temp. / Epoxy coating.
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