Kong Hsin Enterprise

Kong Hsin Enterprise

No. 13 Gong 6th Road,

Dajia Youth Industrial Park, Dajia District,

Taichung City, 437, Taiwan

AboutKong Hsin Enterprise

“Kong Hsin Enterprise” was established as a valve manufacturer for Taiwan market in 1974. In 1977, Kong Hsin Enterprise increased its capital and registered as “Kong Sheng Valve Industrial Co., Ltd”(KSV). With years of new product development and quality consistence, the reputation of “KSV made” was heard in the international market. It was a starting point for KJV when oversea orders were received. Therefore, “Kong Jih Valve Industrial Co., Ltd” (KJV Plant#1) was established in 1990 and Plant#2 was established in 2009 to handle export business for OEM/ODM products. In 2013, we’ve also complete the supply chain integration by establishing the lost-wax casting foundry for investment castings.

KJV has more than four decades in manufacturing, from a small machining shop in Shilin, Taipei City and Danshui, New Taipei City residential area to precision CNC machine, efficiency assembly conveyor lines, temperature & humidity control warehouse and modern office building in Dajia, Taichung City. We appreciate the support from our dedicated employees, loyal customers, and value suppliers. KJV has created a harmonious and joyful working atmosphere between KJV and interested parties. KJV is full of experienced employees, customer trusts, and reliable supplier chains. In our belief, it is a right business culture to acquire the maximum balance point among interested parties.

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