Kinema srl

Kinema srl

SP Bari Modugno 4, 70026 Modugno (BA), Italy 

AboutKinema srl

Who we are

We are a mechatronic tailor's shop: we conceive, design and build special machines dedicated to the customer. The customer is our fulcrum: we listen to their needs, study them in detail and we are able to propose a tailor-made solution which will then be created with equal care and attention.Professionalism, creativity, innovation, dedication and service are the driving force behind our work. The guidelines that move us in each of our projects. Our skills range from assembly to testing to robotization.

How we are

Born from the fusion of over ten-year skills gained in the field of mechatronics, we are:

  • customer oriented
  • creative
  • innovative
  • reliable
  • professional
  • ... also nice!
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