S.P. 231 Km.30, 900, Corato, Apulia, 70033, Italy


A solid know-how in the field of industrial automation and robotics, in the design and manufacture of special machinery, in research and development in the sector of microwaves.Driven by a strong passion for our work, in 2005 we started this adventure thanks to the first machinery built in our own factory: microwave devices for the disinfestation of top quality wood furniture and immovable wooden structures.After several years of design and research and development, the microwave systems of Nemos and Saurus now represent two international patents.

Aware that we are able to challenge the market, thanks to our ability to adapt the design activity to specific needs, we have focused on custom industrial systems, complete or partial, tailored to the automation of production processes.

Starting from the first system in 2009, a palletizer designed to improve the packaging stage, we have built tens of special machines and robotized islands able to perform, without the use of personnel, operations automatically or semi-automatically aimed to make efficient any type of industrial production.

However, we don’t only deal with this. For us, engineers Puglia, being specialized in something, it is not just a matter of numbers. Without enthusiasm and devotion it has never been created anything great.

In 2008 we started to build robotized systems for the automated manufacturing of solar modules of the latest generation, making “attractive” to our investors the development of technologies and turnkey products. The first system of this kind is dated 2010: a pilot production plant by 25 megawatts. A cutting-edge project that made us recognized internationally as developers of high-tech solutions with unique patents.