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AboutJOT Automation

We provide world-leading production automation and testing solutions for automotive, telecom, renewable energy, consumer and power electronics industries. Our high-performance products and custom automation solutions help you increase your productivity and improve cost efficiency.


Our way of doing things at JOT Automation has always been about being partners with pioneering industries and at the forefront of technological innovation. Today, as in the past, we are leveraging our vast automation experience for the benefit of the industries that are shaping tomorrow. 

Our goal is and always has been to provide industries with the best possible automation solutions. With us as your go-to-partner in automation and our solutions by your side, you can achieve improved efficiency with maximum flexibility and quality. We set our standards high and aim to react fast and adapt quickly to provide automation solutions to suit your needs, with uncompromising quality. How could you say no to that?

As the world and industries change and evolve, automation remains as an emerging and increasingly efficient opportunity. Automation can be harnessed for use in the automotive industry and its transition towards electric mobility, manufacturing renewable energy solutions, modernising production facilities for improved efficiency or to be more sustainable. No matter what your industry is, automation is a universal solution with which you can ensure top-notch product quality with reduced operational costs or shorten your products’ time-to-market by implementing design for automation methods from the get-go. 

The best possible automation processes can be achieved by involving automation design already in your product design phase. High-performance automation solutions are needed to achieve improved throughput, better quality, and lower production costs consistently. We at JOT Automation understand this through our long history of providing automation solutions for pioneering industries. By letting us share this understanding with you, you can share the benefits with others – even with the whole world, if you are aiming that high. 

JOT Automation is at the cutting edge of solutions for automation, testing, and assembly with over 30 years of experience in pushing the boundaries of industry development. We’ll gladly help you push the boundaries of your industry too.


Our experience makes us a reliable partner and supplier for leading electronics manufacturers in automotive & e-mobility, telecom, power & industrial, and consumer electronics industries. Several Fortune 500 technology companies rely on our automated test and assembly solutions to ensure product quality, improve designs, reduce operational costs and shorten their products’ time-to-market. As our partner, all of this is at your disposal.

In addition to our standard product portfolio targeted for various phases of electronics manufacturing processes, we provide world-class custom turnkey automation solutions based on our wide industry experience that enables us to create the best value with high-performance and thoroughly optimized designs.

JOT Automation is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, since it was established in 1988 and currently has global presence in 11 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


With our solutions, global consumer brands can aim for 100 % quality, design finer products, shorten the time-to-market and lower operational costs in a sustainable manner.

  • Manufacturing volumes increase
  • More functionalities in smaller form factors
  • Time-to-market is critical
  • Consumers expect better quality with lower costs
  • Labor costs rise rapidly in Asia


  • 3 000 000+Products and devices that have been assembled or tested with JOT equipment.
  • 60 000 000+Value of all time biggest project in euros. Fully automated assembly, test and packaging solutions for greenfield mobile phone factory.
  • 1 000+Custom design stations delivered in a single 12-month project.
  • 10 000+Cumulative number of automation equipment manufactured, commissioned and serviced.
  • 60 000+Cumulative number of test fixtures manufactured, commissioned and serviced.
  • 10+Number of Global 2000 companies as customers including several Fortune 500 technology companies.