J A Harrison & Co Ltd

J A Harrison & Co Ltd

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AboutJ A Harrison & Co Ltd

J A Harrison – a world class sealing solution company and supplier of gaskets, sealing, PTFE and plastic technologiesJ A Harrison & Co. boasts an enviable manufacturing heritage dating back to the foundation of the company in 1900.

Today, J A Harrison provides world class manufacturing of gaskets, seals and sealing technology solutions to companies and OEM’s worldwide; spanning many specialist industry sectors.

Manufactured products include:

  • Manufactured seals and gaskets
  • Gland packing
  • PTFE products
  • Industrial textiles
  • Bellows, compensators and flexible connections
  • Rubber sheets, gaskets, mouldings and extrusions
  • Corrugated gaskets and glass lined vessels
  • Mechanical seals
  • Rings
  • Boiler spares
  • Allied products

The supply of these quality products is all underpinned by well over 100 years of manufacturing experience, high levels of technical expertise, full on-site support and customer service – all at competitive prices. High quality manufacturing is further underpinned by both a comprehensive stocking policy and a flexible and proven logistics system; all firmly in place to ensure unrivalled  customer service, and a resilient delivery program, with the ‘best in class’ lead times.

J A Harrison has expanded rapidly, particularly since 1990, both through generic growth and strategic acquisitions. Consequently, the company now enjoys both a global presence, and an enviable range of gasket and sealing solutions. The great value of these strategic acquisitions is the provision of a vast complimentary range of gasket and associated sealing products, all within one group. The company philosophy of providing an effective ‘solutions driven’ approach to gaskets and seals has been at the heart of the company’s considerable growth and success. As a result, J A Harrison is well under way to becoming the world’s leading gasket and sealing company.