Industrial Tools, Inc

Industrial Tools, Inc

1111 S Rose Ave Oxnard, CA 93033 USA

AboutIndustrial Tools, Inc

Engineer, manufacture and sell dicing blades and diamond abrasive tooling from our headquarters north of Los Angeles.

Products include metal bond dicing blades, resinoid dicing blades, hybrid dicing blades, electroplated dicing blades, electroformed dicing blades, 1A8 dicing blades, custom dicing blades, diamond abrasive wheels, fine grinding (flat honing) plates, dressing boards and sticks, stone edge tooling, fine micron shop wheels, slitter knives, and more.

Product families for dicing blades are metal (sintered), resin, resin/metal, electroformed/electroplated, vitrified and brazed.

Related tooling for dicing blades produced by ITI includes hubs, arbors and spacers for dicing blades made from aluminum, ceramic, steel, carbide and titanium.

Markets are manufacturers using dicing blades and related products for semiconductors (laminates), hard disk drives, optics/glass, ceramics, industrial, photonics/telecommunications, electronics, microwave and others.

Export over 90% of dicing blades to 24 countries, mostly to Asia.

Multi-national customers for dicing blades include 3M, IBM, Imation, Infineon, Micron, Philips, Seagate, Samsung and others.

In business over 50 years (since 1961) producing dicing blades and related products.