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AboutIS Tecnik

Welcome to ISTecnik - a specialist Australian business supporting world leading technologies for machine alignment, levelling and calibration, and a full-service integrator of productivity enhancement technologies including laser tool measurement, CNC probing and rotary motion solutions for the Australian advanced manufacturing industry.

All our products are supported by a total commitment to maintaining the highest level of product knowledge and by our extensive field experience, ensuring that our customers receive high quality configuration advice, installation, training and service support.

Our partner technologies are proven to deliver industry leading performance, increased productivity, enhanced production quality and reduced operating costs to our customers.

Hamar Laser - laser shaft alignment systems, multi-plane precision machine alignment system and laser levelling systems, bore alignment systems

  • Machine Tools, CNC Machines, Lathes, Moulding Machines, Roll-Forming, Paper Mills, Printing Presses, Film Lines and Steel Rolling Lines
  • Alignment-critical special equipment, machinery and processes
  • Aerospace jigs, guided mating of large assemblies
  • Shaft and coupling alignment of motors, pumps, drives, compressors, fans, turbines, gearboxes and other rotating equipment
  • Bore alignment and bore measurement including marine propulsion drives, diesel engines and extruders
  • Ultra precision levelling and flatness measurement of any surface, including on-site machining applications


Blum-Novotest - precision production metrology to enhance CNC machining centre quality and utilisation:

  • Micron precision laser tool measurement and high speed broken tool detection
  • Precision tool length setting contact sensors for very small tools
  • Rapid and highly accurate wireless touch measurement probes for CNC machines
  • Powerful, user friendly CAD based metrology software for on-machine measurement


Pulley ALIGN - Precise and Easy to Use Laser Pulley and Sprocket Alignment Systems

  • Suitable for virtually all belt and pulley drive systems
  • Highly robust fully industrialised tool design
  • Allows alignments to be checked in 10 minutes without any training
  • Up to 20 times more accurate than other laser methods


DigiPas Digital Levels

  • 2-Axis Digital Levels
  • Accuracy up to 0.001 degrees, 0.018mm/meter
  • Allows faster and more accurate machine levelling of any industrial equipment
  • Compact and robust design
  • Remote display and logging capabilities
  • Applications: machine tools, CNC machining centes, lathes, metrology equipment, printing, roll lines, bed plates, motors, plinths, aerospace tooling and many more.