Indoruss Synergy Pvt. Ld.

Indoruss Synergy Pvt. Ld.

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AboutIndoruss Synergy Pvt. Ld.

INDORUSS SYNERGY PVT LIMITED in co operation with ROSTEC RT CHEMCOMPOSITE, RUSSIA ( a 50 Billion Euros Russian Conglomerate) & TK FUJIKAN CORPORATION, BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA have initiated the import and are shortly commencing set up of a fully automated Type 4 cylinder production line. Carbon Fibre based Type 4 Cylinders shall revolutionize the storage and transportation of CNG, HCNG, Hydrogen, BIOCNG in India.These cylinders are technologically the most advanced High Pressure Cylinders and conform to ISO 1119-3:2013.

The goal of Indoruss is to supply new age Type 4 Carbon Fibre based CNG Cylinders to the wide network of City Gas Distribution and Automobile companies PAN India. Initially, these Type 4 cylinders are being imported from our import partner in Busan, South Korea. Subsequently, they will be produced indigineously in our own factory in India. Our partner plant has already been inspected and approved by the Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO) Govt of India.The making of these cylinders is based on space technology and ensures a light-weight high-capacity container for CNG that is blast and shatter proof. Having this feasibility would make long distance travel on CNG a reality for all types of vehicles in near future.

How do we differentiate amongst various gas cylinders?

A gas cylinder or tank is a pressure vessel used to store gases at above atmospheric pressure. Inside the cylinder the stored gas may be in a liquid state, dissolved state, or compressed gas.