igm Robotersysteme AG

igm Robotersysteme AG

igm Robotersysteme AG, Straße 2a,

Objekt M8, Industriezentrum NÖ-Süd,

Wiener Neudorf, Austria.

Aboutigm Robotersysteme AG

As member of Global Welding Technologies, igm Robotersysteme AG looks back on a 50 years’ history as a leading company in welding automation. Since the 1980’s igm puts in its profound experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying of sensor controlled welding and cutting robot systems. Besides efficient overall solutions, also the development of individual customer related systems is done. More than 3500 robots systems are operating in industrial sectors worldwide.

With subsidiary companies and sales partners in more than 20 countries igm is the only manufacturer and supplier of automated welding and cutting technic from arc welding to laser and electron beam. As the only Austrian producer of robots especially designed for arc welding, customers benefit from comprehensive know-how in almost all ways of application. Systems for automatically manufacturing of excavators, railways, ships, trucks and many more are exported across the globe.

The range of products includes subsystems strictly for automatic welding as well as overall systems comprising of several robot cells for complete assembly lines. These systems could be integrated in already existing assets or distributed as complete new turnkey-solution.

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