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AboutHYDAC Group

Here to help since 1963

As an international group, we have a global network of expertise, quality standards and customer focus. In this way, we can meet the market’s strict requirements and support you as an expert partner in developing your tailored solution. Find out more about our company.

HYDAC 50 national companies, one DN

Founded in Saarland in 1963 as “Gesellschaft für Hydraulikzubehör” (Company for Hydraulics Accessories) and run as a family company, HYDAC has never stopped improving. HYDAC now has 50 national companies, roughly 500 sales and service partners, 14 product lines and more than 9,500 employees worldwide.

Rely on HYDAC’s expertise in hydraulics, systems and fluid engineering. We are committed to providing all-inclusive solutions that span industrial sectors and are sustainable and above all customer-oriented. We are not theorists – with comprehensive understanding of the industry, we develop systems that will stand the test of time. For you and with you.

HYDAC driving and experiencing innovation

Constantly facing new challenges, we have never stopped developing our portfolio. In Germany alone, more than 900 of our engineers in the areas Fluid and Engineering work with you to create energy-efficient, reliable and low-waste solutions. Our new patent applications are testimony to our feel 

An international network, with local roots

We speak your language and are aware of the challenges on the ground. HYDAC provides a network of international and local specialists. This helps us to develop tailored solutions for and with our customers, adapted to suit your regional requirements.

Sustainability in practice

For all our technologies and developments, we focus not only on the here and now, but also on the future. Beyond the legal requirements, we use renewable energy at our sites. At the same time, we value regionality – with our 50 HYDAC subsidiaries and more than 500 sales and service partners worldwide, we are in close contact with our customers and keep our delivery routes short.