Hines Bending Systems Inc.

Hines Bending Systems Inc.

6441 Metro Plantation Rd, Fort Myers, Florida, 33966, United States

AboutHines Bending Systems Inc.

Hines Bending Systems is the #1 worldwide manufacturer of tube benders, pipe benders and induction benders. Customization can be an integral part of the process.Our customers use the power of the facts that we build the best benders, have the most bender installations and have the most bending expertise and experience to leverage the very best bending solution for them.If you need more information about which tube bender, pipe bender or induction bender is the best choice for your production needs, then call us. Many times a customer will think they need one type or size, when in fact another model may fit their needs better. The good news is that you have many purchase options. You can purchase a new tube bender or pipe bender outright. We can also connect you to one of our financing partners. As an existing customer you can trade-in your Hines machine and upgrade to a newer model or different type of bender.

We have established a Bendermarket that helps our customers upgrade to new machines quickly and easily. We’ll give you an estimate on the trade-in value, and arrange for the old machine to be shipped back when you take delivery of a new bender.

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