HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

Albert-Bassermann-Str. 28 68782, Brühl, Baden-Württemberg Germany

AboutHIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

Over 100 years ago, we began providing our customers with safety for what they were doing. In this regard, since 1970 we have dedicated our entire focus on plant safety, and we have consistently shaped the industry with innovations. Today we are the world's leading specialist for safety-related automation solutions. And, as a globally active enterprise, we are also present in all key regions of the world at more than 50 locations, and we are there for you wherever you need us.

The world's largest companies in the process industry and power generation industry trust our products and services. These offerings also open new paths to greater safety and profitability in the rail industry, logistics, and the machine automation sector. HIMA safety solutions ensure uninterrupted as well as safer operation. They can be integrated in all major control systems as a unique combination of hardware and software with a strong cybersecurity component. This integration not only enables you to control individual plant components: it also enables dynamic and fail-safe control of entire plant networks. And ultimately, this means you increase productivity and profitability.

Has our international expansion slowed us down? Not at all. At heart we have remained what we have always been: A flexible, medium-sized, and owner-managed family company, independent in our financial and strategic decisions and technical developments. This gives us the freedom to advise you as personally and individually as you desire – and make the best decisions for your plants, together. And it has been this way for four generations.