Helge Nyberg AB

Helge Nyberg AB

Industrivägen 2, 523 90 Ulricehamn, Sweden

AboutHelge Nyberg AB

A specialist with different visions of the wagons and trucks of the future.

Some make trucks, others sell wagons, only the specialist Helge Nyberg looks at the whole - man, wagon and truck.

Together, our concept with Ergobjörn truck and trailer is a unique solution on the market.

We give a lifetime guarantee on our standard wagons, because we know what quality they have.

Details that improve ergonomics result in a more comfortable and attractive workplace.

Of course we know the craft. You can be sure of that. But even more important: the company's founder Helge Nyberg started the production of wagons based on the need he himself had for Volvo's spare parts warehouse. In this way, we have a common history with our customers. We are not just specialists in our products. We are also specialists in your reality. 

That reality consists of more than what our solutions currently accomplish. That is why ergonomics and the environment are always present in our work. Details that improve ergonomics result in a more comfortable and attractive workplace from a human perspective. At the same time, an economic effect is created through reduced costs for sick leave and rehabilitation. With the environment in mind, we are of course both environmentally and work environment certified. That we live in the area where our production is located, we see as an equally strong guarantee for our responsibility for the local environment. 

The guarantee on Helge Nyberg's products is also strong. We give a lifetime guarantee on our standard wagons, because we know what quality they have. Even today, we come across Helgevagnar who left our premises over 50 years ago, and who still roll out with customers.

Our visions for the future do not focus on wagons and trucks. Our visions are about how we best simplify and cost-effective warehousing and logistics for easy material handling. As long as we do it with wagons and trucks, it is the technology we develop optimally. But who knows, in the future, Ergobjörn may have completely different solutions. The only thing we know for sure is that the future is the only time we can influence - and we intend to do so.

Helge Nyberg AB in the world

Today, we are an international player with customers in over 60 countries. We are owned by Helge's son Björn Nyberg and our history is alive in many ways. We think as we did then - the customer in the center and a development that is predominantly controlled based on the market's needs.

Our standardized range of trolleys is offered through large catalog companies throughout Europe. Our partner for many years, Toyota Material Handling, is the world's largest company in materials handling and the company whose mother basically coined the term Lean. Our solutions are part of their range.Our head office with development and manufacturing is located in Sweden and we have sales offices in Germany. Our own sales consultants in Sweden and Germany, help both our partners and end customers to find the best and smartest solutions for internal material handling. As specialists, we want to offer our customers ever higher efficiency, better ergonomics and a positive profitability development.