Esenkent Mah. Mimar Sinan Cad., Yukaridudullu, Istanbul, 34775


Halıcı Electronics & Telecommunications was established in 1994 and provide services to the Turkish industrial sector in the fields of automation, electricity, and telecommunication. Since its establishment Halıcı Electronic successfully completed a large number of electrical and automation projects with its experienced engineering staff in Turkey and abroad and reached a position of the leading product supplier with global partner companies Halıcı Elektronik operates in the Istanbul, Bursa, İzmir and Ankara branches with a team of 80 people.

It has become the first company that comes to the mind in the sector which offers reliable solutions to its customers by following the developing technologies and continuously improving itself. HALICI has aimed to contribute to the manufacturers in our country for industry 4.0 solutions with informatics companies and R & D studies in terms of advanced technology.

Our Values

1. Passion:

We do our job with the same passion, love and devotion since the very first day.

2. Innovation:

Being open to innovations and keeping constant pace with today’s conditions is one of our foundation values.

3. Spirit of Entrepreneurship:

Considering that innovation cannot be achieved without being bold and taking initiatives, HALICI believes that people are as least important as organizations.“Thinking simple, but working elaborately is required for entrepreneurship and achievement.”

– Dr. Hüseyin HALICI

4. Open-Mindedness:

Open-mindedness is the other value that has been guiding us since the establishment of the Group 25 years ago. Listening to customers and producing solutions with an understanding of their problems is our absolute priority.

5. Seeking Perfection:

We all share and have this desire so that we can offer our customers the best service. We also keep in mind that seeking perfection relies on the perfect condition of harmony, understanding and motivation within ourselves.

6. Liability:

HALICI Group has always developed a sense of liability in proving or reinvigorating the spirit of entrepreneurship. For every product we sold and every service we provided, we did and will continue to do our job by prioritizing our conception of liability.

7. Ethics:

Our ethical values are a must in every work we do;

7.1 Honesty: Acting in coherence is vital for building trust and establishing good relationships and making these elements sustainable.

7.2 We respect, because what we do affects the lives of many people.

7.3 We are bold,, because boldness lies at the core of being ethical.

7.4 We are transparent,, we should always be true and sincere and base our actions and decisions on reasons. We should act as we speak, and tell what we can do.