Guidance Automation

Guidance Automation

Address - Unit 2, Meridian S, Leicester LE19 1WY, United Kingdom

AboutGuidance Automation

Guidance Automation is the trusted provider of automation solutions for small to medium businesses, providing expertise and support to unlock their automation potential.

We work with our customers to remove the complexity and barriers they perceive.  Working in partnership with our customers, we don’t just sell a robot.  We interpret our customers’ needs to provide a customised solution that works for them.  Our bespoke tops allow us to optimise the uses of the vehicle bases.  We provide support for the implementation, ensure ongoing optimisation of the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), allowing for future upgrades and modifications, and provide ongoing servicing and maintenance.  Our service ensures minimal disruption to our customers’ business processes, allowing them to see the benefits automation can offer.  We also offer training to support the development of staff, and this training can be tailored to suit our customers’ requirements and aspirations.

As part of Matthews Automation Solutions, we can access fulfilment and distribution technologies to help you work smarter:

Warehouse Execution & Control Systems

Use real-time data and adaptive learning to make intelligent decisions with a completely web-based interface.Pyramid | Compass software and controls solutions integrate interconnected systems to balance work, provide process visibility and boost end-to-end material flow with continuous measurements, holistic system analysis, upcoming workload prediction and more to enhance order flow, accuracy, and speed.


Matthews Lightning Pick suite of light-directed material handling applications energize omnichannel order fulfilment speed, accuracy and efficiency with advanced pick-to-light, put-to-light and put walls, pack-to-light for store replenishment, automated picking carts and other paperless pick automation.

Guidance Automation provides navigation and automation solutions to manufacturing, fulfilment and distribution businesses.  Our knowledge and expertise has been developed over 30 years. Our experts have been involved in PhD level research and developed the most accurate industrial laser positioning system in the world.  Our solutions are used in warehouse distribution, manufacturing and healthcare settings.