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GINO AG Elektrotechnische Fabrik is a worldwide leading manufacturer of resistors for industry and transport engineering applications. As a classic niche producer, with plants in Germany (Bonn and Eisenach) and China (Shanghai) and representative offices in more than 15 countries worldwide, GINO supplies renowned clients with electric resistors in the performance range from 50 watt to 360 megawatt.

GINO AG ranks among the leading manufacturers of resistors of all performance categories starting from 50 Watt. We are continuously extending this position by focusing on growth and tapping new international markets.

At the same time, we remain strongly committed to Germany as our home base and to our responsibility towards our employees, customers and suppliers. They are at the center of our attention and guarantee that we can achieve our demanding goals.

We are known for offering customer-specific solutions.
We pursue a value-oriented management and generate adequate profit.
We secure our capacity for innovation and our independence through economic success.
We manufacture according to the latest internationally-applicable quality standards and operate a continuous improvement process.
We live up to our corporate social and ecological responsibility.
We promote and challenge our employees according to their individual capabilities.
We train young people thereby qualifying them for a professional career.

Our quality management is controlled from the top management level. With this structure, we can guarantee the implementation of above-average quality standards. Whether it is the immediate answering of queries, personal product presentations and explanations or our clear corporate structure – every employee gives quality the first priority in his work. The certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 underscores our high claim.

Thanks to a permanent benchmarking we can offer our customers professional services and specifically address their individual needs thereby creating a trustful working environment. Customer satisfaction takes absolute priority for us. Our strategy? We know precisely which market trends will prevail in the future – this gives us a decisive edge over our competitors.

Quality leads to success and success is the result of quality!

Environmental protection is an important concern for GINO. This translates both in our daily work within the company and also in the responsible selection of the materials and environmentally compatible manufacturing processes for our resistors. Finding a balance between economic aspects and the protection of nature and the environment is a key corporate goal at GINO. Therefore, we always also assess our corporate decisions with a view to their potential impact on the environment.       In 2017 both GINO AG and Telema Holding will acquire further shares in SGT (Shanghai GINO Telema Resistors Comp. Ltd.), a JV company founded in 2003, through the withdrawal of a shareholder. By increasing the concentration of interests, GINO and Telema are gaining more influence in the constantly growing Chinese business. SGT has been operating successfully in the 15th year since its foundation with industrial and railway resistors.

July 2015 GINO AG is now represented only by one member of the Executive Board, Dipl. Ing. Michael Hahn, Rheinbach.

In 2013 GINO AG establishes together with Telema Holding a JV company (joint venture) in Russia. With 25 % GINO AG is now also represented in this large country with its own production facilities. The JV is located about 1000 km southeast of Moscow in the Oblast Penza. The OOO PZTG (Penza Zavod Telema GINO) covers with its existing know-how and the new possibilities to manufacture products of GINO AG and Telema almost all application areas in the industrial and railway technology with power resistors.

May 2010 the shareholder Telema Holding S.r.l. Milan/Italy takes over all shares of GINO GmbH, Bonn from GIBG (“Gielen Beteiligungsgesellschaft”) and HIBG (“Hahn Industriebeteiligungsgesellschaft, mbH”), who previously held 33.3% each.
The legal form of GINO GmbH changes to GINO AG (“Aktiengesellschaft”). The previous managing partners Dipl. Kfm. Jakob Gielen and Dipl. Ing. Michael Hahn are appointed to the Executive Board of GINO AG.

GINO Niederlassung Shanghai 2003In March 2003, a subsidiary was set up in Shanghai, China for the production and sales of industrial and train resistors. SGT Shanghai GINO Telema Resistor Comp. Ltd. started operations on 1 August 2003.

GINO Telema 2002In early summer 2002, the company group was restructured and ownership reorganized. With the taking on of a new partner, the former ESE, now Gielen Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Hahn Industriebeteiligungsgesellschaft and Telema s.p.a now each hold 1/3 of the shares.

GINO 1995Effective in fiscal 1995, the business division “Resistors and sheet metal forming"" was spun off from ESE and transferred to GINO AG. With this move, GINO started to manufacture resistors at both locations in Bonn and Eisenach.

ESE 1991In the fiscal year 1991, the partners of GINO AG acquire 100% of the shares in VEB Elektroschaltgeräte Eisenach ESE and transform this company into ESE Elektroschaltgeräte Eisenach GmbH. From the beginning, GINO takes charge of the marketing and sales of the steel grid resistors manufactured by ESE.

GINO 19771977 marked the year of the founding of GINO Gielen + Nothnagel GmbH with a nominal capital of DM 400,000. Sales in the first year of business came in at DM 1.8 million. After its founding, the company’s acquired the activities of the resistor manufacturer C. Wiemann, who had been manufacturing resistors of all types for 60 years under the name of C. Wiemann Elektrotechnische Fabrik.     2013 Foundation of a new JV company in Penza/Russia. From this point on the PZTG (Penza Zavod Telema Gino) is responsible for distribution of the GINO resistors and sales activities in Russia and in future also for east-eruopean market. The Gino AG and the parent company Telema Holding are concerned with 25% each.  

Effective from 28 September 2010, GINO was transformed from a GmbH (limited liability company under German law) toGINO an Aktiengesellschaft (stock corporation under German law). The correct company name now reads as follows:
GINO AG Elektrotechnische Fabrik

The former Managing Directors, Jakob Gielen and Michael Hahn, were appointed in the same function for further five years to the Management Board of the Company. This does not result in any changes with regard to our business relationship.

iris_logoIn the autumn of 2008 GINO AG is the first worldwide leading manufacturer of Power Resistors for Industry- and Traction Business, that has successfully passed the new Quality Standard IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) by being certified through TÜV Süd.

ginomatic_schink_ausgabe13_thIn spring 2007, the fully automatic special machine GINOmatic for the manufacture of 6GN1 resistor blocks was commissioned. GINOmatic was designed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Aachen and sets new standards regarding our products’ quality. While manufacturing costs remain the same, an increase in production quantity is achieved.

gino_bonn_01In the first half of 2006, the offices at the Bonn plant were extended. A completely new and generously designed reception area as well as additional conference rooms and offices supplement our company building. For some time now, the growing need for additional room has been making an extension necessary.

gino_bonn_02At the Bonn plant, a warehouse built on the longitudinal side of the manufacturing building in 2004 provides additional room for the temporary and final storage of semi-finished and finished products. Moreover, the shipping facilities are now located more centrally and offer sufficient space for loading and unloading the goods.

historieIn March 2003, a subsidiary was set up in Shanghai, China for the production and sales of industrial and train resistors. SGT Shanghai GINO Telema Resistor Comp. Ltd. started operations on 1 August 2003.

siemens_logoIn the fiscal year 2000, GINO takes over the industry and train resistor manufacturing activities of Siemens AG A+D PUIB Nuremberg and with that the production and sales of all resistor products made by Siemens, namely cast iron resistors, oil-cooled starters, motor starters, neutral grounding resistors and, last but not least, resistors for transport engineering.

tuevIn the course of fiscal 1999, the two plants in Bonn and Eisenach were successfully certified according to the new standard TÜV ISO 9001 and the corresponding quality management system was implemented for the complete company. Regular follow-up audits pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by the pertinent certification authority TÜV Hesse confirm the functionality and efficiency of quality management at GINO.

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