GHI Hornos Industriales

GHI Hornos Industriales

4 Aperribai Galdakao Spain 48960, Galdakao, Basque Country, 48960, Spain

AboutGHI Hornos Industriales

GHI Smart Furnaces

Since 1937, we have been designing and manufacturing industrial furnaces for melting, heat treating and heating any type of metal.Our equipment uses cutting-edge technology, which enables us to identify anomalies, provide support for in-use improvement, and plan predictive maintenance activities. The aim is to minimise unexpected downtime and to maximize the potential of our installations.

Core business


We design and supply robust and reliable industrial furnaces for melting, heat treatment and heating aluminium, steel and zinc. We have a range of auxiliary equipment to complement our solutions and optimize furnace operation.

Tailored engineering

We work with our customers to develop innovative solutions and tailored engineering projects, offering process consultancy and applying our know-how to processes for melting, heat treatment and heating aluminium, steel and zinc in industrial furnaces.


We digitalize and monitore your equipment and plants, to provide optimum maintenance services. We fit sensors to equipment and capture information in real time, which is subsequently analyzed by expert engineers using the Beyond 4.0 platform. The finest Industry 4.0 solutions working towards digital twin.

Full service

We offer technical support and maintenance services, spare parts, process consultancy, training and facilities upgrades. We have a flexible after-sales service available worldwide to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity of plants.

Turnkey projects

We specialize in comprehensive solutions for sectors including aluminium recycling, automotive, aeronautical and renewable energies, for which we offer full installation. We develop personalized solutions to meet any and all requirements.


Our mission consists of helping our clients to improve their results through comprehensive solutions thanks to our process and product knowledge and our innovation capacity.


Our aim is to become a world benchmark in the supply of industrial furnaces, auxiliary equipment, related technical support services 4.0 and digitalization.