Gas Metering Australia Pty Ltd

Gas Metering Australia Pty Ltd

ABN 40 121 827110 23 Mudies Road ST IVES NSW 2075

AboutGas Metering Australia Pty Ltd

Gas Metering Australia's, core business is to supply natural gas metering solutions. We provide invaluable expertise along with our comprehensive line up of impressive technologies. As the preferred supplier of both rotary & turbine meters to NSW distribution and retail systems, we focus on service, building partnerships, and ethical business practice and principles to achieve the best results.

We visit all areas in Australia and can assist with identifying and supplying the best metering solution, working directly with the people at the coal face as well as with project managers and consultancy firms.

Gas Metering Australia is the appointed distributor for Gas Flow Online (GFO) Meters and Instruments.

Gas Flow Online Meters & Instruments has a reputation for delivering leading-edge, highly engineered metering solutions and associated instruments for natural gas transmission and distribution projects worldwide.

Gas Flow Online is a recognized innovator and global supplier of natural gas metering equipment that manufactures and markets gas metering and flow control equipment.

GMA offers the range of GFO rotary & turbine meters, electronic correction devices, and calibration benches.


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