Galtech SPA

Galtech SPA

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AboutGaltech SPA

For over 50 years Galtech has been proposing itself as a leading company in the production of oil-pressure equipments, keeping total customer satisfaction at the centre of its main philosophy.

Founded in 1955 in Reggio Emilia as Iotti & Strozzi, the company started operating in the emerging field of fluid energy control.

Gear pumps, motors, valves and cylinders quickly substituted old and unwieldy mechanical transmissions.

Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Po Valley, is an important and well-known centre for agricultural mechanization and this was the main field of interest and activity of the newly born company. At that time there was little knowledge of New Technology and clients were gradually gained thanks to the technical support the company provided for its customers. Products were constantly perfected, applications increased in every productive field and the market expanded rapidly.