Fuji SMBE Pte Ltd

Fuji SMBE Pte Ltd

15 Senoko Avenue Singapore 758305

AboutFuji SMBE Pte Ltd

From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of low voltage (“LV”) switchgear and sheet metal fabrication, Fuji SMBE Pte Ltd (“Fuji SMBE” or “the Company”) has grown over the years to be the market leader in the manufacture and assembly of electrical switchgear in Singapore.

The story began more than 40 years ago when the founders of the Company, who were driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship, started Mac Electric Engineering Enterprise to produce LV switchgear. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the Company was renamed as SMB United Limited and gained listing in the then Stock Exchange of Singapore (‘SES’). SMB Electric Pte Ltd was subsequently incorporated to manage all switchgear-related business and privatised after the acquisition of its parent company by Osaki Electric Co., Ltd in 2012. The Company was eventually acquired by Fuji Electric Co., Ltd in end-2014 and renamed as Fuji SMBE Pte Ltd. Today, Fuji SMBE remains the leader and specialist in electrical power distribution systems.

Over the years, Fuji SMBE has grown from strength to strength in both size and revenue. The Company now has 3 fully-equipped plants in Singapore, as well several offices and manufacturing facilities in overseas markets in Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. These overseas subsidiaries manufacture and assemble switchgear to service the demands of their respective local markets.