Fu Chun Shin Machinery Maufacture Co., Ltd.

Fu Chun Shin Machinery Maufacture Co., Ltd.

No. 269, Baodong Rd., Pitou Vil., Guanmiao Dist., Tainan, Taiwan.

AboutFu Chun Shin Machinery Maufacture Co., Ltd.

Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) was founded in 1974. The name came from a lathe factory which Mr. Po Hsun Wang, the Chairman co-founded with his brothers at Fu Chun Road, Tainan, Taiwan. In 1978, FCS was successfully transformed into plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. In 1991 FCS moved to present location Guanmiao, to establish a global operation headquarters in response to the expanding scope of business, and so far it has set up two factories in Dongguan and Ningbo, mainland China. To pursue the better operational efficiency, in 2004, FCS received emerging stock approval from the Over-the-Counter Securities Exchange and becomes the only publicly traded professional injection molding machine manufacture in Taiwan.

FCS Group is implementing a philosophy to create high value added products, and to integrate the business strategies of globalization and diversification. In addition to the original business of injection molding machine R & D, manufacturing and sales, since 2001, FCS also branches out into Magnet cable business, 3C optoelectronics and materials technology industry. It is expected to lead the group heading to a much higher precision and high-tech areas, and to enhance FCS corporate value and international competitiveness in order to achieve the target of permanent continued operation.

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