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Fosber is a leading global supplier for the design, construction and installation of complete lines as well as individual machine units for the production of corrugated board packaging.Originally founded in Lucca in 1978, through its Italian headquarters and strategically located subsidiaries in the USA and China, the Fosber Group today supplies complete corrugators as well as major machine upgrades across the globe with a total dedication to quality and customer service.

Our renowned focus on continuous evolution and innovation, coupled with our constant investment in R&D are the keys of the company's success. In what are continuously changing and evermore demanding markets, the Fosber Group delivers the most up-to-date technology to guarantee its customers high performance, total production flexibility, dramatically reduced running costs, less complexity, and enhanced reliability.


Fosber, aware of an increasingly uncertain and competitive market context, considers the following guiding values essential for achieving the objectives set out:

  • the centrality of the Customer;
  • the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes;
  • correctness and collaboration, regarding relationships interwoven with the market as well as, in the daily interactions that characterize our work environment;
  • constant commitment and innovation, because the best solution to satisfy customers is that which has not yet been invented, and therefore we have a positive attitude towards interesting initiatives, new ideas and the critical spirit of those who are aware of to constantly improve;
  • the involvement of staff, motivations and team spirit, because the multiple human and technical qualities that make up our team are a source of mutual enrichment and a key element for professional growth and the achievement of ambitious business results.