Forbes Marshall

Forbes Marshall

VISAKAPATANAM 53-32-12/B, KRM Colony, Sithammadhara, Visakhapatanam - 530013

AboutForbes Marshall

Who We Are

Forbes Marshall helps build and sustain highly efficient plants by reducing waste, optimising process and energy efficiency, and by complying with regulatory requirements.

Our History

When our founder, Darius Forbes, set us on our path of energising businesses, he said: 

 "We were always conscious that we were selling more than mere equipment. We were selling increased production, improved product quality, production at a lower cost and quite often a combination of all three”.

This philosophy has become the cornerstone of Forbes Marshall's approach, with a focus of adding value to customers and communities every day.

Our deep customer knowledge helps us to develop new products and services. A large Research & Development team is invested in innovating for the future needs of industry. Through these research based innovations we continue to focus on energy and process optimisation resulting in lower levels of energy consumption, having a positive impact on the environment.

  • 37Offices Worldwide
  • 6Manufacturing Units
  • 18Distribution Centres
  • 500Sales and Service Engineers
  • 8,000Customers Worldwide
  • 1,250Customer Connects Daily

Vision and Values

Energising Businesses and Communities Worldwide

Forbes Marshall is a leading provider of energy and process automation solutions worldwide through innovative and differentiated offerings. Our distinctive sales approach delivers customer benefits. We have always taken pride in the way we offer solutions, exceeding customer expectations on quality and delivery. Over the decades, we have built a great place to work; one that thrives on diversity and benefitscommunitiesaround the areas we operate in.