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Lithium-ion Battery Technology

We pride ourselves in being experts in energy storage solutions. To learn more about why Flux Power chose lithium-ion and its battery management system, visit our page Power Lithium-ion Forklift Battery Packs.

New Applications For Lithium-ion

Flux Power is always expanding into new markets where lithium-ion battery power can replace more traditional power sources.


Flux Power’s primary goal is to lead the adoption of clean, safe, and innovativelithium technology platforms, while complying with customer, statutory,regulatory, and other requirements, by:

√ Focusing on industrial and commercial energy solutions.√ Delivering outstanding product performance, customer service, and value.√ Earning a reputation as a trusted thought leader.

Flux Power will use the framework provided by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard tomonitor and measure our success in our commitment to quality by applying the following objectives:

√ Maintaining focus on our core market segments, including Material Handling and Airport Ground Support Equipment while leveraging and developing our knowledge base to provide products optimized to customer needs.√ Tracking a set of key performance indicators to demonstrate achievements and continuous improvement of our product and company deliverables.√ Enabling our customers to operate at the next level, by delivering not only innovative lithium technology solutions but also showing technical leadership and integrity, through our team interactions and support documentation.