Flexitech Avia

Flexitech Avia

6, Tnufa st., P.O.Box 186, Tirat HaCarmel, 3902628, Israel

AboutFlexitech Avia

Flexitech Avia specializes in the development and manufacturing of heating elements and PCBs using Thick Film technology, for a wide range of applications. Our custom made products enable the perfect fit based on special needs and parameters: size, shape, core, resistance to extreme temperatures, high voltage resistance and more.

Our technology is set to cater the special needs of wide range of industries. We provide solutions that were designed to provide air-tight solutions to industries such as optics, medicine, aviation and such- all looking for the utmost quality and compliance.

Flexitech was founded in 1999 by Leonid and Tamara Kleiner, as an innovative developer and manufacturer of heating elements and printed circuits using Thick Film technology. The company has a research and development department, clean room, advanced printing equipment and a BTU furnace with a 25-inch belt width. Through its research and development – and the resulting patent-protected inventions – the company has grown to its current production capacity of some 600 square meters printed monthly.