For over 55 years, the group has been focusing on analysis, planning and automation for the cutting room. From our headquarter in Dalmine, Bergamo, heart of textile production “Made in Italy“, to the extreme Asian continent and the distant South America, FKgroup has carried its brand name with the most eminent Italian and International brands in textile production in all its segments, from Fashion to Home Textile, from Automotive to Composites Fabrics. FKgroup’s business philosophy is to change each environment into a new concept of production. A way of thinking the cutting room that FKgroup applies in care of the needs and in the best “tailor made” service. FKgroup represents a choice of a good quality service from every point of view, through excessive care in the selection of components and solutions made with creativity, all with the highest attention to customers.

History and timeline

The group’s history began in 1961, when Flavio Cattini, founder of the company, develops and produces one of the first spreading machines in the world with electrical parts. After 10 years from its foundation, FKgroup becomes world leader in spreading machines with more than 1.000 units installed all over the Globe. Later emerges the idea of proposing prestigious solutions to discerning users, selected with the expert eye of someone who knows the secrets of this job. Thus begins a long journey with the passion for the finest quality. With time, the craftsmanship of the origins blends with experience in high-level research & development, projecting FKgroup to be selected among the biggest names in the industry. So, FKgroup evolves, first with CAD Software and later with cutting machines, launching the company and FKgroup’s know-how worldwide. All this with the utmost fidelity to the founder’s original idea.

Mission and vision

FKgroup, the best Technological Partner

Aim high to achieve excellence in service and customised solutions!

FKgroup not only supplies machines, but it is the best Technological Partner, helping customers to solve any production problem. Able to install all over the world more than 3.000 Spreading machines, Cutting systems and CAD Software.

FKgroup can guarantee to customers a very high quality level after sales service. An expert and internal R&D can valuate customized projects, according to the single and unique requests; the well-organized and specialized manufacturing can produce and test all the equipment in a very short lead-time.

FKgroup counts on a selected and well-trained network of distributors, always close to the customers in case of need or urgencies.