Fiberoptics Technology Incorporated.

Fiberoptics Technology Incorporated.

1 Quassett Road Pomfret, CT 06258 USA

AboutFiberoptics Technology Incorporated.

We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certified; ITAR and ROHS Compliant

Fiberoptics Technology Inc. is the largest supplier of custom designed OEM fiber optic components in the United States, maintaining the largest fiber production capacity of any company in North America.

Fiber Optic

Fiberoptics Tech. (FTI) has been engaged in the design and manufacture of Glass Fiber Optic lighting for over thirty five years. Since our inception, we have innovated proprietary processes for a fiber optic light line and light guide construction. These processes have proven to be the foundation on which we have based our feature-rich, cutting-edge lighting, and illumination designs.

Fiberoptics Tech. boasts not one, but two manufacturing locations (in Florida and Connecticut, USA) that give us a definitive edge over the competition when it comes to engaging in R&D and providing short turnaround times. This, combined with our passion for fiber optics has helped us set the bar a notch higher in our industry.

Fiber Optic Cables

We strive to expand the depth and breadth of our product offering. We innovate and keep up with the latest technologies in the fiber optics field, and bring those technologies to our customers at prices that are value driven.

Some of our products include: Ring Lights, Goosenecks, Back Lights, and Spot-to-Line (light lines). Each of these products are guaranteed to provide uniform and consistent lighting and unsurpassed performance. There are a myriad of related accessories and customization options to choose from.

Our medical product range deserves special mention here as we manufacture more than 500 different varieties of FDA registered single and bifurcated medical cables for most complex medical lighting needs.


We also offer a comprehensive product and service range for military, industrial, and photoelectric control applications.

Furthermore, FTI offers varied configurations of industrial Plastic fiber optic cables, Quartz fiber, rods, Tapers, and Raw Fiber. At any given time, we carry a rich inventory of standard and custom lighting configurations.

In addition to our comprehensive line of standard Fiber Optic Cables, we offer no-charge consulting service to develop custom products for unique applications.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic lighting is the key enabler in a number of commercial, medical, and industrial applications such as: metrology, quality assurance, surgical, endoscopy, web inspection, semiconductor and electronic automation, dental curing, adhesive curing, power transmission, automotive data transmission/utility lighting and Star Ceiling lighting applications to customers in the Industrial, Machine Vision, Microscopy, Medical, Military, and Commercial Fiber Optic Lighting markets.

We are continually engaged in finding new market uses of our existing fiber optic lighting products. If you are in need of the latest lighting technology in the fiber optics field, chances are FTI already has it. In fact, our products are only limited by your imagination! Our team of well-trained and experienced engineers can help you realize your most innovative ideas. FTI also offers rapid prototyping services for custom orders.

We follow the best industry practices for manufacturing, testing, and installing a myriad of lighting products that are based on the fiber optics technology. Owing to this, our customers have come to expect a very high quality standard from all FTI products and services.