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Fassi Sverige AB

Marieholmsgatan 86 415 02 Gothenburg Sweden

AboutFassi Sverige AB

Do you need to lift - then we have a solution for you. As one of the world's largest crane brands - with a complete program with models from 1 to 215 tons in an almost infinite number of variants - we can offer alternatives for virtually all applications.

In the Swedish market, we have literally lifted operations since 1991 when Fassi Sverige AB was founded. Then, like now, the ties to the Italian parent company were strong. In Italy, for example, there is development department and factories and the contacts are frequent.

In 2012, after mature consideration, we decided to supplement our operations with our own manufacturing and assembly of complete truck construction. The Swedish part of this industry belongs to the best in the world. Here there is a long tradition, experience and knowledge of trucks and superstructures. Because we, Fassi Sweden, would place and be an attractive choice for customers and the market, we had to confess both color knowledge and to think again.

We can state that our investment has been well received by the market. Part of the success is clearly in the adaptation to local needs. Sweden is a relatively sparsely populated country with fairly long transport distances.

This means that the same vehicle is often used for most purposes; such as lifting, loading, assembly and passenger transport. We are therefore extremely inventive and flexible when it comes to bodybuilding.

But of course we do not only offer cranes that are mounted on trucks. All our cranes can be ordered for stationary use. We also have marine cranes for mounting on boats or in other exposed environments that end up. Our range also includes buckets, pallet forks, passenger baskets and support legs - to name a few of all our accessories.

With our order system (FBB) we work systematically and methodically in all our processes - from the first idea to the long-term aftermarket. Over the years, we have also created a greater closeness to customers, both through partners and in-house. In January 2015, we started an extension production in Vänersborg with paint possibilities. In October of the same year, we also started a complete service and assembly plant in Malmö.

We get a lot of praise for our cranes, our superstructures and our aftermarket. Of course, we are happy and proud to be a strong alternative as a complete truck builder company. We want to continue to manage that trust well. Our key words service, quality and consideration are concepts that we show practically by bothering us from start to finish - and even after your crane purchase.

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