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XAMControl, or: The Wonderful World of Automation

  • Greater efficiency day-in day-out, thanks to 5-step engineering
  • evon XAMControl unites the most modern software technologies with open system design
  • Usability and forthrightness combined with a powerful range of functions
  • Tested, documented and ready for action: a library of more than 1,700 automation objects
  • Contemporary standards for the new world of automation


...  or how you can develop your XAMControl solution in 5 easy steps.

A system for visualization, a system for programming and even a system for configuration – that is the software approach employed in the automation architectures of … yesterday. XAMControl contains everything you require in a single tool. Including a lot of other useful things … and surprises. But first things first: 5 Step Engineering, or how you can implement your solution in XAMControl in 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – LibrariesXAMControl offers a powerful library containing finishes objects. The first step in project implementation is the choice of appropriate Automation Controls (that is what we call them). Of course, you can change individual properties of the objects or simply create them new.

Step 2 – InstancingThe Automation Controls are instanced in a second step. This results in an object, perhaps a motor, being created and made available with all properties. The target PLC where it will later run is not yet relevant.

Step 3 – Drag DropDrag&Drop is also true for XAMControl’s visualisation. Simply drag the object into the process view and connect it with the corresponding instance. A selection list is available to help – this eliminates time-consuming searches.

Step 4 – Define IOThe object is now in the visualisation and ready on the PLC level. This step determines which IO is to be used - all still independent of the target PLC where the object will later run.

Step 5 – Link IOThis last step connects all IO signals with the PLC object - it is even easier by creating and importing a list in EXCEL with XAMControl’s office integration.

Or make 1 out of 5: XAMControl Solution ImporterSince all these five steps viewed on a total project level are actually always the same and since repetitive tasks are boring, we have developed the add-on XAMControl Solution Importer that permits the steps1 to 5 to be concentrated in an EXCEL file and to be imported directly