333 Flemming Road AL 35217 Birmingham, USA


Euroboor, a family business specialized in Industrial Portable Tools, was founded in 1977 as a sole proprietorship. Today the company is proud of its 110 employees and is actively involved in 58 countries.

At the Euroboor Company, we are constantly upgrading our technology to provide our customers with leading-edge products that perform. Not only do we provide our customers with top quality machining and tooling, we know that to keep them coming back to the Euroboor Company we must provide superior customer care and top quality performance.

Manufacturer of industrial portable tools. Products include magnetic drills, annular cutters, beveling machines, and saws. Drill equipment such as stands and sharpeners also sold. Accessories include pipe, extension, and connection adapters, arbors, twist drill chucks, chuck connections, lubricants, and metal pick-up tools. On-site service and sales staff available 24 hours a day. Delivery services and quality inspections also offered.

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