Elmeasure India Pvt. Ltd

Elmeasure India Pvt. Ltd

#764 4th Phase 707, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560064, India

AboutElmeasure India Pvt. Ltd

A global presence in over 50+ countries with 15000+ clients, sales offices in 6 countries and 5+ Million products live on field

Our Objective

With collective experience in energy management, the objective was to make a significant contribution by focusing on industries and commercial establishments and major users of energy to reduce waste and minimize loss.

Our Vision

To innovate, collaborate and build extraordinary products and solutions in the field of energy and building management, thereby making our world a greener place

Our Mission

To build extraordinary people that then build an extraordinary company, thereby enriching lives around the world

Our Quality Policy

The Elmeasure approach to building products and solutions has always been based on the “Quality First” principle along with performance, consistency, safety and value. We realize it is essential to our growth and success. We will always strive to meet our “Quality First” principle in design, manufacturing, and distribution of our products and meet or exceed all statutory, regulatory requirements and consumer expectations worldwide.

Our Products

We will provide our customers with products and solutions that meet the highest quality standards for performance and value.

Our Design

We will use established quality design & testing procedures in the development phase of our products and solutions to ensure product performance, safety, and consumer value.

Our Facilities

Elmeasure is committed to producing products of the highest quality in all of our manufacturing facilities. We will ensure that performance, consistency, and safety are never compromised.

Our Business Decisions

We will always take an uncompromising stand towards our commitment to quality throughout the organization to meet the needs of our customers. We will achieve that by realizing that quality is essential to our success and by acting responsibly and imbibing a culture of continuous improvement at Elmeasure.

Our People

Our people are essential to delivering and sustaining high quality in all areas of our business processes. We will achieve the same through active participation, contribution, and team work towards our company wide quality initiatives to deliver products of lasting value.