Electronicon Capacitors GmbH

Electronicon Capacitors GmbH

Keplerstrasse 2, 07549 Gera.

AboutElectronicon Capacitors GmbH

LECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH (former RFT Kondensatorenwerk Gera) have been associated with the manufacture of capacitors in Gera since the late 1930s, when the SIEMENS organisation moved part of their production facility from Berlin to eastern Thuringia in the heart of Germany.

Since then, the company has extended considerably. Highest quality and reliability of all products have been the core of our philosophy from the very start. Continual development in its product ranges has resulted in ELECTRONICON becoming one of Europe's leading capacitor manufacturers supplying customers worldwide.

The company employs about five hundred qualified engineers and skilled workers in its manufacturing facilities, producing capacitors for lighting, motor, and power electronics applications, further components for power factor correction.

Regular investment in advanced and environmentally sound technologies guarantees the highest level in manufacture and quality to modern standards which are approved by standard authorities all over the world.

The ELECTRONICON system of quality assurance has been approved by the TÜV organisation to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Since 1942 the company has also been in a position to offer metallized dielectric material complying with highest technical standards. This guarantees an uninterrupted quality control of all relevant manufacturing stage. PHILOSOPHY The extraordinarily close and intense co-operation between the departments of Sales, Research & Development, and Production is the keystone of our success.Along with acceptable prices for our products, we guarantee unquestionable reliability and safety of our products and services flexibility, fast and ever punctual fulfilment of our commercial obligations permanent maintenance of our know-how, early identification and incorporation of new trends and methods in the manufacturing of capacitors close and interactive partnership with our distributors and direct customers to achieve their technical and commercial goals.

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