Electro Adda S.p.A.

Electro Adda S.p.A.

Via Nazionale, 8 23883 Beverate di Brivio (LC)

AboutElectro Adda S.p.A.

A deep passion moves us

Electro Adda's is an exemplary path which has seen the company developing over time, from an artisan workshop to a large international industry, acknowledged emblem of the Made in Italy in the electric motor sector. Founded in 1948 in Lecco, and subsequently developed by retaining its family company identity, today it is an historical and influential reality, consistent with its founding values, dedicated to innovation and research, and moved by a passion which - now as in the past - keeps on being the true motor behind its activity.

In over seventy years, Electro Adda has developed an in-depth technical competence and has accumulated a precious wealth of experiences, qualifying itself as a true authority in the field of motors, as a reference point for leading companies in Europe and in the rest of the world. The consolidated knowledge of the product and its applications throughout the sectors is a value which gets richer day by day, being cultivated in cooperation with universities and research centres and rewarded by the international markets.