Volcán Quinceo No.6262, Colli Urbano, C.P. 45070 Zapopan, Jalisco.


Our beginnings are linked to the development of containerization in Chile and the world.

In its more than 40 years we have developed services according to the logistical needs of our clients, being as well as we have Container Deposit, Logistics and Extraport Terminals in addition to the commercialization of containers and modular solutions.

43 years later, our commitment to the development of logistics solutions is reinforced by the inauguration of the La Divisa terminal in San Bernardo, where we offer all cargo services, ground transportation, including rail service.


Grupo D&C is a Chilean company dedicated mainly to providing support services for cargo logistics and maritime containers, managing these inventories and providing storage, repair and maintenance services.

D&C was born from the merger of the two pioneering companies in the field, heir to a tradition and with more than 40 years of experience. Its activities begin on April 23, 1976.D&C begins its operations with a warehouse in Valparaíso, later incorporating the terminals in Santiago and San Antonio. Subsequently, operations are expanded to the city of Iquique and the port of San Vicente.

In February 2005, D&C acquired the Tenglo Chile Terminal in Puerto Montt, becoming the sixth depot in the network, which complements the specialized services in refrigerated cargo.In February 2011, D&C began its operations in the city of Arica by opening its seventh Terminal, which added to the Antofagasta Terminal and its operations in Talcahuano, complete its presence in the main ports and cities of the country.

In 2016, it acquires Puerto Columbo SA adding extra-port services in the ports of Valparaíso and San Antonio, that same year it becomes the property of the D&C Group, the Auguri Group.In May 2019, it inaugurated its new La Divisa Multimodal Terminal in the commune of San Bernardo, with which it began rail services to the ports of the central zone and the eighth region.

The company, through the leadership and vision of Chilean businessmen, has expanded its range of services and products, complementing the services of Shipyard Warehouses, Cargo Services, dry and refrigerated warehouses, land transport by road and rail, Extra-port, Leasing and /o Sale of modules and containers; and Specialized Services and Products for Reefers.

This is how D&C has remained until today as the only independent alternative for Container Depot services existing in Chile.

Technological innovation, service quality and customer orientation have been defined as the fundamental pillars for our development.