DuroByte Inc.

DuroByte Inc.

875 Foster Ave Unit 112, Windsor, ON N8X 4W3, Canada

AboutDuroByte Inc.

We are your partner from design to manufacturing.

DuroByte is a leading provider of innovative electronic design, build and manufacturing to maximize pepoi0nrformance in various settings and industries. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the company’s strength lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive blend of superior technology and customized product designs to boost performance, functionality and productivity.

At DuroByte, we create high technology products from concept, starting with the design of the product and followed by the manufacturing of product components, assembly and testing.

Our team of experts ensure a smooth migration process with every project completed. Our leading-edge talent provides turnkey custom solutions, from design to manufacturing, to address business problems maximizing our customers’ return on investment and minimizing operation downtime.

Our company provides industrial solutions ranging from small automation panels to complete transfer line applications specializing in electrical hardware/software design for both new and mature systems. In addition, our in-house manufacturing facility enables us to manufacture custom hardware and prototype with a great focus on high precision turning and machining.

DuroByte incorporates all the engineering expertise and tools to complete your projects.

DuroByte has been also involved in the design and manufacturing of highly efficient pressure gauges used in industrial applications as well as racing settings. In addition, DuroByte introduced front-line NEXUS RFID upgrade solution to replace obsolete assembly line products and parts in automotive industry with minor changes to the commissioning of the programming software on the parent controller.

At DuroByte, we are in the process of introducing revolutionary high technology products to optimize user performance and enhance workplace safety in various industry settings. Products are engineered, tested and manufactured to be user-ready once launched.