DTM Massman, LLC

DTM Massman, LLC

150 Recreation Park Dr Unit #5, Hingham, MA 02043, United States

AboutDTM Massman, LLC

At DTM Packaging we manufacture and remanufacture bottling and packaging equipment. From our facility just outside of Boston we can provide everything from one piece of customized equipment to an entire packaging line, utilizing all new equipment, or by integrating new machinery with remanufactured machinery, we can provide a highly efficient, value-added packaging system. DTM Packaging is one of the few companies in the packaging industry that can manage the entire process of delivering high-performance packaging and custom automation systems from initial design to final installation.

DTM Packaging’s broad range of capabilities and services include:

  • System’s integration of the entire bottling line.
  • Bottle unscrambling and orienting equipment.

In-line and rotary

  • Pucking and de-pucking systems
  • Rotary and linear unscrambling and pack-off systems
  • Cap feeders and cap elevator systems
  • Case packing, case erecting, case sealing and palletizing.
  • Conveying systems.
  • Engineering and design consulting services
  • Change parts that can be supplied for most any rotary or in-line machine.
  • Parts, service, and upgrades available for a wide variety of equipment.
  • After sale service and parts.
  • Machinery rebuilding, restorations and preventive maintenance.
  • Custom Automation:
  • Medical device assembly machinery
  • Automotive component assembly machinery
  • Paper and fabric process machinery
  • Mold handling systems
  • Welding applications
  • Piece/part assembly machines
  • Web handling machinery
  • Automation and assembly equipment for the athletic products industry
  • Custom machines for the optical lens industry
  • Specialty custom automation machines for a variety of applications
  • Custom lamination equipment