Doss Visual Solution SRL

Doss Visual Solution SRL

Via dell’Industria, 57/A 25030 Erbusco (BS)

AboutDoss Visual Solution SRL


We are the pioneers in the development of innovative Deep Learning and Multishot technologies. Choose these new systems that combine the flexibility of human visual inspection with the speed of computerized visual inspection systems ensuring extreme precision in the detection of defects!

Deep Learning

The analysis of images through Deep Learning opens the way to the possibility of automating an increasing number of industrial processes in a wide range of sectors. From the inspection of surface defects to the sorting of the variable parts, to the control of the final assemblies, to the evaluation of the product quality or to the reading of complex texts.

By applying Deep Learning, we have a system that manages to autonomously classify data and structure them hierarchically, finding the most relevant and useful ones for solving a problem and improving its performance with continuous learning - just like the human mind does. Artificial neural networks apply a “deep” learning system, that is, based on a greater number of levels (layers) hidden in the neural network. The "traditional" ones contain 2-3 layers, while the deep neural networks can contain over 150.