Digmesa AG

Digmesa AG

Keltenstrasse 31 CH-2563 Ipsach Switzerland

AboutDigmesa AG

Digmesa AG is a Swiss company with a workforce of 70 that has been based in Ipsach for over 35 years. Its core business revolves around the development, manufacture and international sales of flow-rate measurement devices for liquids in the small and micro-volume range. The product line includes a wide range of mechanical flow sensors as well as innovative, contactless devices with laser and ultrasound measurement technology.

Thanks to in-depth technical know-how, state-of-the-art machinery, qualified personnel and great flexibility in terms of customer wishes and needs, Digmesa is today an important international partner in the flow rate measurement technology field with its measurement instruments. Digmesa flow sensors are used to measure, control, dispense and monitor and the areas of application are extremely diverse. Equipment components from Digmesa are to be found in laboratories, hospitals, research and production facilities as well as in coffee machines, automatic washing machines and beer dispensing systems – even on the other side of the globe.

Innovative product development, high-precision measurement and dispensing systems plus the proven product quality and loyal, longstanding, customer relationships are the foundation on which our success is based.