G1-G7 TSIIC, Sultanpur Sangareddy, Hyderabad, Telangana 502319


We are a progressive company with a proven history of innovation and manufacturing excellence

We bring a legacy of 50+ years to our products

A successful business is born out of a bold idea that is ahead of its time. Silicone composite insulators were not thought of as futuristic products and were not available in India. It was therefore imported into the country.

We at Deccan Enterprises Pvt Ltd, with our engineering expertise, revolutionized the Indian power sector by introducing technology that had been imperceptible in the industry. Our hunger for improving the standards of the Indian industry inspired continuous innovation. Our team is committed to achieving innovative, cost-effective solutions along with state-of-the-art design and structure.

Our capable R&D team needs to be credited for the launch and continuous innovation with respect to Silicon Composite Insulators in India. The acceptance of our products in India and abroad has led us to have the largest capacity and offer the most comprehensive range of products in its class in India. Over the longest proven performance of over 15 years, we have a supply record of over 2 million units covering HV 66kV to 500kV, UHV 765kV AC and 800kV 420kN HVDC, composite. Bus Post Insulators up to 220kV, composite line post Insulators up to 220kV, 25kV railway and metro insulators, distribution insulators 11-45kV and many more. We are suppliers for various industries across 15+ countries.

We are here since 1966

Deccan Enterprises was started by Mr. O.P. Jalan in 1966. Over the course of half a century, we introduced in India a variety of products that led to the improvement of infrastructure in water, airports, railways and power. We have proven our innovation and manufacturing capabilities across sectors based on the strength of our focus on research and engineering.

In early 2000’s, we were the first in India to start manufacturing silicone composite insulators for power transmission, distribution and railways OHE. Since then, we have had many achievements to our credit in the silicon composite insulator business.