Cressall Resistors Limited

Cressall Resistors Limited

Evington Valley Road, Leicester, LE5 5LZ

AboutCressall Resistors Limited

Cressall – power resistors designed and manufactured in the UK for a global market

With more than 100 years’ experience designing and manufacturing resistors in the UK, Cressall can supply high power resistors for use in:

  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution
  • Renewable energy
  • Marine and offshore electrical systems
  • High power electrical testing
  • Rail traction
  • Drives and Automation
  • Telecoms
  • Oil and Gas

Our equipment is used in some of the most demanding locations around the world for applications such as:

  • Neutral earthing resistors for MV and HV electrical supplies
  • Dynamic braking resistors for braking inverters and motors
  • Portable load banks for testing batteries, generators and UPS systems
  • High voltage filter resistors for SVC, capacitor damping networks and HVDC applications
  • Load banks for load testing diesel generators and large gas turbines
  • Pre-insertion resistors for transformers and high voltage networks
  • Braking resistors, control resistors and trackside resistors for rail traction
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