Consolidated Engineering Company

Consolidated Engineering Company

1971 McCollum Parkway NW, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144 USA

AboutConsolidated Engineering Company

Our engineers are innovators in furnace design

We design and supply heat treatment products that meet the strict metallurgical properties requirements of industrial manufacturing companies all over the world. Our American fabrication facility is committed to exceeding customer expectations in furnace reliability and performance. We have been manufacturing industrial level furnaces for 58 years in the Atlanta area.


CEC is staffed with a uniquely qualified and experienced team of electrical, thermal, mechanical and materials engineers with excellence in engineering design. CEC engineers use highly sophisticated and flexible engineering software. The software allows customer requirements to be theoretically modeled into machine configurations quickly. Our 58 years of experience as a company and hundreds of years of individual design and application engineering allow the theoretical to be made practical.

Our 3D modeling software allows our customers to see our furnace design at full scale from the first proposal. Additional tools, embedded within our 3D software, allow the engineer to model and assure that fluid dynamics and finite elements are correctly applied. 3D modeling also eliminates guesswork and misfits, and ensures more accurate communication between engineers and fabricators.

CEC has its own fan testing facility to make sure that convective heat transfer is predictable.

Project Management

Each project at CEC is handled by a professional and trained project engineer to ensure the overall success of each installation. Each project is assigned to a Project Manager (PM) who has responsibility for the machine from order placement to installation. Each PM is supported by a qualified team of engineers and field service technicians that are devoted to the overall project quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction. The project manager goes with the project until full customer acceptance and completion of warranty. This project based business process has been proven worldwide over several continents with many installations in Germany, Canada, China, and the US.


Much of the heat processing equipment is manufactured at CEC's new 135,000 square-foot, ultra-modern manufacturing facility located 30 miles north of Atlanta, GA. This world-class facility is fully equipped with 10-ton bridge cranes, high bay fabrication areas and CAD/CAM metal fabricating machinery.

At CEC we are proud of the heavy equipment that is produced by our trained welders, electricians, millwrights and fabricators. These men are the backbone of CEC manufacturing that brings customers back to our proven designs year after year.

To lower machinery costs we have many components made in places such as Mexico and China to CEC determined specifications. CEC trained personnel at these locations verify component quality so that our inspection assures your and our expectation at the lowest possible component cost.

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