Connexus Industries

Connexus Industries

27474 Gloucester Way, Langley, British Columbia, V4W 4A1, Canada

AboutConnexus Industries

Lacey Harmer Company, Viking Chains Inc./VC Chains Enviro Division, I’Anco Products, and RENS-Metal Shark are all now under one common entity – Connexus Industries Inc. The successful brands of industrial chain, wastewater management, lasers, metal detection and related industrial solutions will remain strong and prominent under Connexus Industries.

With stocking service centers located in all corners of North America, and distribution partners worldwide, Connexus Industries is a leading provider of chain and industrial manufacturing solutions.

Connexus Industries strives to be leader in customer service and quality products. Under our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we have earned a reputation as innovators and solution providers with a solid track record of reliable service.

These are exciting times for the team at Connexus Industries. With our industry experience and diversified products, Connexus is poised to be the leader in chain and industrial related solutions.

Cliff Lane President & General Manager,
Connexus Industries

Our Mission & Vision

  • Connexus Industries Inc will strive to do it right the first time and become the accepted leader for quality products and services in our market sector.
  • Connexus Industries Inc will consistently provide design and manufacturing services that will meet the customer’s requirements, on time and at a competitive price.
  • Connexus Industries Inc will continue to improve and enhance its product line from both a technical and quality standpoint. A high priority is to be given to continuous improvement in the process and product.
  • Connexus Industries Inc encourages its employees to participate in the management of the quality aspects and will instigate and support training and incentives in this area.