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CMC Industries

Viale Sandro Pertini, 86 - 25046 Cazzago San Martino (BS) - Italy

AboutCMC Industries

Enhancing Logistics Automation


CMC Intralogistics approaches the intralogistics and material handling market as manufacturer of innovative high-quality products and services. Innovation is the keyword of its business model and represents the core of its products that are developed joining knowledge, experience, skills, and creativity of its people with the close customer cooperation.

Group, is specialized in innovative solutions for transport and material handling for logistic business. Forty years of experience gained designing conveyor belts for poultry industry are at the base of the continued growth also in logistics sector.

At an early stage, operations focused on high quality and added value, investments in R&D, close contact with Customers and exports. This strategy, beside the expertise in designing and manufacturing conveying systems and logistic solutions has remained unchanged through the years prompting in the development of an unparalleled product portfolio that spaces from single customized units up to complex system of conveyors realized on international markets.

Design and manufacturing capabilities to apply any of the existing products in material handling applications and to realize tailor made solutions meeting and exceeding the expectations, make Customer’s job easier and more productive allowing to be successful in their business. Customers have found that they can rely on CMC Intralogistics commitment to their project success and complete satisfaction.

CMC Intralogistics portfolio also includes a variety of after sales services (training, spare parts, preventive and corrective maintenance, both remote service and on-site assistance) foreseen to maximize both performances and operational reliability of installed products and system. Operative lifetime can be also extended over the initially estimated period by customized modernization activities that will bring the system/product to a new life.

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