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CM Furnaces Inc

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AboutCM Furnaces Inc

Who Are CM Furnaces?

CM Furnaces is known worldwide, for state of the art design and manufacturing of all types of air, hydrogen and inert atmosphere electric furnaces. Though many of our furnaces are of standard design and construction, CM has produced specialized, highly custom furnaces for a variety of applications to meet exacting requirements of industrial, educational, and government users.

The History of CM Furnaces

The company was founded in 1946 by Seth Combs and James Murphy. The main product line at the time was refractory metal coils (molybdenum and tungsten) used in the lighting and the electronics industry. CM began manufacturing furnaces in order to produce the coils and over time the manufacture of high temperature laboratory and production furnaces became CM’s primary product.

CM Furnaces has made two key decisions in its history that define its products: we decided to keep all our design and manufacturing in the USA where we can ensure tight quality control; and we kept our focus on the technical performance and quality of our furnaces despite the onslaught of cheap, low quality imported lab furnaces, often repackaged and sold by US companies as their own.

Our strategy has paid off and over our 70 years in business,the CM Furnace brand has established itself as the “Cadillac manufacturer” of lab furnaces for serious scientific research and batch and continuous furnaces for production work. All of our furnaces provide advanced features and a design mindset making them quality standouts among all lab furnaces manufactured today. When you choose our furnaces it’s because quality, accuracy, performance, low maintenance, reliability, and a low lifetime cost of ownership matter to you.

CM Furnace Technology – Proven Technology

There is a balance to be struck between bleeding edge, and being reliable. The design of our furnaces emphasizes the reliability that comes from almost a century of building all kinds of furnaces for all kinds of processes. Our tools have evolved to use modern electronics and newer alloy’s and materials but never at the expense of durability or performance. For instance, all CM furnaces employ the worlds most advanced molydisilicide resistance heating elements matched to specific atmosphere, temperature and process requirements. All furnaces can be supplied with an electronically controlled elevating, rotating or traveling mechanism. Standard furnaces cover a general temperature range from 1000°C to 2200°C and the company specializes in furnaces at the high end of this range. Furnace atmospheres include air, hydrogen and inert atmospheres such as nitrogen, argon and helium. We provide huge furnaces with high throughput and complex controls for high volume production environments, as well as simple box furnaces for the university lab or research facility.