Cistelaier Spa

Cistelaier Spa

Via Gandhi 1 41122 Modena – Italy

AboutCistelaier Spa



To become, as producers, the leader of a "Global Distribution" at the service of consumers on the European continent. 


Supporting the most diverse market needs, continuing to invest in plants, methods and research for the development of one's knowledge and know-how. To guarantee its Customers a complete offer in terms of product and service, using its European factories to produce any type of PCB, including high technology, in samples, small and medium series, with fast online deliveries and according to the needs in use in Europe. And to satisfy different needs, both in terms of quantity and cost, by making use of partnerships with leading Asian producers in sourcing.

Cistelaier was born from the merger made in 1998 between two Italian companies that produce printed circuits, Cistel of Genoa and Laier of Modena, founded respectively in 1976 and 1986. 

Cistelaier proposes to support the Customer from the beginning of the project by contributing to the improvement of the printed circuit through analysis of the "Design for Manufacturing" (DFM) type, to optimize reliability in use and to minimize device costs. 

The fast prototyping service (QTA) completes the customer support offer during the design phase and is added to the standard delivery service, for volumes and delivery times typical of series production. Cistelaier is therefore able to support the customer during the entire life cycle of the product. 

Cistelaier believes that the development of industry and "know-how" are critical success factors, which have guaranteed the longevity and growth of the company. The passion for technology and the ambition to make the most of the specific skills of the collaborators of Cistelaier, are basic elements for fueling development and continuity.