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China PCB One

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AboutChina PCB One

One-stop service provider forelectronics manufacturing

ChinaPCBOne will accompany you from product development, prototype manufacturing to mid-volume production. One-stop electronic manufacturing services: PCB design, PCB Quick turn PCB service, mid-volume PCB manufacturing, components purchasing, PCB Assembly, testing, finished products assembly, and final shipment.

There is a ChinaPCBOne on the road of your dreams.

Everyone has their own dreams, and enterprises are no exception. Especially in this era of rapid technological change, in this era of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, it has been more reflected. You may want to change the world through your own innovation, but the road to dreams has been bumpy, but now, if your dreams are just in the electronics industry, then ChinaPCBOne can help your dreams with years of experience in electronic design and manufacturing. Let your dream path no longer be lonely! "accompany with you to find a dream, to help you succeed", this is the best interpretation of our mission "Make the road of electronic innovation more convenient, Maximize the value for customers, employees and society ."!

Even if it is a circuit board, if it represents your dream, you can be our customer.

Our clients include many well-known companies, such as Intel, GE Healthcare, Emerson, Han's Laser, etc., as well as Maker around the world, as well as many college students, graduate students, doctoral students and professors at home and abroad. Because at ChinaPCBOne, we don't care who you are, we don't care about the size of your order, even if there is only one circuit board, just tell us that it is your dream, ChinaPCBOne is willing to help your dreams. " accompany with you to find a dream, to help you succeed" This is our ChinaPCBOne dream, but also is our values "Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation, Win-Win".

What we do

We have a physical factory and a strong service team, providing a full range of one-stop electronic manufacturing services from product development, prototype production, to final mass production.In the product development stage, we have experienced domestic and foreign consultants who can provide various consulting services such as hardware solutions, software development platforms, technology integration and European and American technology applications. We can not only help you design your products, but also produce your products with quality. In cooperation with us ChinaPCBOne, you only need to maintain your design and market core business, and others can be completely assured.