CD Automation UK Ltd

CD Automation UK Ltd

Unit 9 Harvington Business Park, Brampton Rd, Eastbourne, BN22 9BN, UK

AboutCD Automation UK Ltd

With over 40 years in improving industrial and commercial power control for its global customers, CD Automation’s expertise has today resulted in the design & manufacture of an innovative, robust and easy to use product platform in the field of power measurement, power switching and power control.

Our products and applications can be found in vast and varied industries and businesses, including automotive, defence, aerospace and transportation such as air, sea and rail; education establishments; food and beverage businesses; manufacturing operations such as glass and ceramics, plastics and rubber, pulp, paper and textiles; chemical and pharmaceutical companies; building and construction projects, including heating, ventilation and air-con suppliers; businesses that use ovens, furnaces and kilns and even power generation, waste and waste-water management providers.

Combining our deep understanding of customer applications, problems and solutions, our strong company culture of customer service, and our continually evolving product range; we strive to meet our customers high expectations through collaboration and mutual benefit.

Our Mission – Helping our customers find ways to maximise machine efficiency, reduce machine downtime and improve productivity by delivering innovative and robust product solutions.

Our Vision – Create trusted customer partnerships that drive sustainable growth, becoming the recognized leader in innovative power technology products and applications.

Our Strategy – Through continued investment in people and technology, create innovative products and delivery solutions that solve real-life customer problems generating improved profit and cash flow.